Southpointe Swim and Tennis
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What is the physical address of the pool house?
There is no official address to the pool house, however if we would have to give one it would be as follows:
1984 Lakemont Drive

What do I do if I see kids/people causing trouble at the pool?
We are a community so if you feel that the actions of people/kids is inappropriate or destructive, either try to address it yourself or contact Josh Luea with the names and actions of the individuals. 

Why are people going in and out of the clubhouse?  Why am I not allowed to do this?
All board members have a key to the clubhouse.  We would love to leave the clubhouse open all the time to everyone, but that is just not possible.  When board members are at the pool, we like them to open the clubhouse up and let pool members use the fridge etc.  Just ask someone who is going in and out and they would be glad to let you in.

What is the combo to the tennis courts?
The combo to the pool fence is the same as the combo to the tennis courts

Are there cameras at the pool?
Yes.  We have security cameras running at the pool at all times.  They are infrared as well to capture video at night.  We have these to protect the property and for use if destructive behavior is suspected.

Who do I rent the clubhouse from?
You can use the form located on this website or contact Lacey Clayton @
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