Southpointe Swim and Tennis
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Pool Rules

Southpointe Swim & Racquet Club


   March 2015



Rules & Regulations

The following rules are established for the protection of the corporation, i« members and guests, and to ensure the safe and sanitary operation of the facilities. Parents are responsible for reading these rules, and ensuring your children understand and follow them.


1.     South Points Guest- Any resident of South Pointe who is not a member of the club.
2.     Member- Any dues paying member of the club facility (non-resident and resident)
3.     Local Guest-any guest residing within twenty-five (25) miles of the dub.
4.     Out of town Guest - any one visiting a member whose permanent residence is more than twenty-five (25] miles from the club
5.     Relative - Includes children, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephew;, grandchildren & grandparents,
6.     Board - Board of Directors of the Swim & Racquet Club
7.     Club Facility - The Swim and Racquet clubhouse, tennis courts, lake and volleyball courts,
8.     Adult - Person eighteen (18) years of age or older.
9.     Non-Member Resident - Homeowner in the South Pointe subdivision.

Comprehensive Rules

1.     All members, including guests, shall use the club and its facilities at their own risk. The corporation will not be responsible for loss, theft or damage To personal property or personal injury to member; or guests.

2.     Club employees and members have complete authority to enforce compliance with the rules by all persons, anywhere on the dub property.

3.     Persistent, overt and repeated violations of these rules will be referred to the Board of Directors for disciplinary action.

4.     No Go-Carts, mini bikes, roller skates, roller blades, scooters or recreational vehicles are allowed on club property. Bicycles are only allowed when used solely for transportation to and from the facilities.

a.  Bicycles, Skates, roller blades and scooters may be ridden in the parking lot by members when there are NO Cars in the parking lot. During daylight Hours Only!

5.     No trash is to be left lying in the area at any time.

6.     Any Corporation property willfully or maliciously damaged by a member or a member guest must be paid for by that member. Members will not be able to use facilities until such assessed charges are paid for in full.

7.     Maintenance fees are due May 1st, Any fees not paid by May 31st will be assessed an additional fee.  Fees must be paid before using the facilities.

8.  Smokers must be responsible and respectful of other pool visitors and members.  No smoking within the pool fence based on Health department regulations.

9.  The board reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership to anyone who causes damage or continues to break the rules. 



Guest Rules

1.     A member must accompany all guests.

2.     All guest are subject to the same guidelines of dress and conduct as members,

3.     Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests and accountable for any damages incurred during their visit.

4.     South Pointe Guests (residents) are limited to one visit per year. (This includes all of the club facilities)

5.     Local guest and out of town guest will have no limit on the number of visits.

6.     Each family is allowed a maximum of six (6) local guests on any given day without prior approval of the Board of Directors and without renting the clubhouse.

7.  Members relatives who are not the primary adult on the membership may not have more than 2 guests (per membership) at the pool at one time without the primary adult present.

8.  Any guests that are being disruptive and not following the pool rules will be asked to leave without question.

9.  The board reserves the right to bar certain guests that continue to break the rules from returning to the pool grounds.

Swimming Pool Rules:

1.    Anyone entering the pool does so at their own risk.

2.    Children under the age of (14) must be supervised by someone eighteen (18) years of age or older, or a sibling sixteen (16) or older with their parents approval. Children under seven (7) must be supervised by a parent or guardian.

3.    Baby sitters bringing children other than their Siblings must be eighteen (18) years of age.

4.    Children not completely potty trained must wear swim diaper in the pool. The Shelby Co. Health Department Mandates that no disposable diaper are allowed in the pool.

5.    Supervision of children in the wading pool is the responsibility of their Parent of legal guardian. Children shall not be unattended.

6.    All users of the pool must conduct themselves in a courteous manner insuring the safety of all swimmers, Any individual displaying poor conduct or otherwise infringing on the enjoyment and relaxation of the others may be asked to leave the pool.

7.    No dunking or rough play is permitted in the pool or on the pool deck. No Running Anytime.

8.    Swimmers must wear swimsuits. No Cutoff Jeans, etc., are allowed.

9.    Bathers with skin diseases, nasal or ear discharges are not allowed to use the pool.

10. No glass or other breakable objects are allowed inside the fenced area of the pool. No gum shall be chewed in the fenced area of pool. No food or beverages are allowed within five (5) feet of pools edge.

11. Members and their guest who eat or drink while at the pool shall clean off tables and cement under tables with hose or broom to prevent ants and wasps.

12. Only person of legal age may bring and drink alcohol at the pool. No Intoxicated person shall be allowed in the pool area.

13. It is requested that all bathers take a shower before entering pool.

14. No pets are allowed inside pool area.

15. Members shall return their chaises and chairs to their proper place and close umbrellas before leaving.

16. All pool items are to be removed daily from the premises (floats, masks, noodles, towel, etc.). Lost and found items will be discarded each week.

17.  Radios and other electronic equipment must be kept low enough not to disturb conversation of any member or guest.

18.  Smoking is Prohibited within the fence of the pool.

19.  Pool facilities will be open from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm 

20.   Shelby Co Health Department has set the pool bather load at 60 people.

21.  Foul or abusive language is prohibited.

22. All members must have their current membership card in their possession in order to use the swim and tennis facilities.  Any person not in possession of the current card will be asked to leave and return with their card.

All members have the right/duty to ask any other member or guest to leave club facilities for non-compliance of the above stated rules.

The last member leaving the pool (regardless of the time of day) shall roll down all umbrellas, turn off pool lights (if applicable), turn off radio and lock the gate.



1.             The clubhouse can be rented for parties and special events any day of the week except Friday Nights and Saturdays after noon, though clubhouse rental does not include use of the pool facilities unless pre-approved when making the reservation. When use of pool facilities is approved, consideration must be given to members using the pool. All swimming pool rules must be followed.

2.             When "members or non-member residents reserve the facility, they must be present for the entire function and will be responsible for all damages incurred.

3.             Based upon availability, the clubhouse may be rented by South Point Home owner. Clubhouse rental does not include use of the other facilities (pool, tennis courts. etc.). Rental fees and security deposits are to be determined by the Board of Directors but will not be less than the member rate for the use of the clubhouse.

4.             Reservations for the clubhouse are made by contacting the Designated Representative, and are subject to Board approval,

5.             All functions for children under the age of twenty (20), must be chaperoned by a parent or legal guardian during the entire parry. Parties must not last past 10:00 p.m.

6.             Children's parties that include use of pool facilities must have an adult, at poolside supervising at all times.

            7.             NO overnight parties.

            8.             Any party cannot exceed thirty-five (35) children.

9.          A set of cleaning and closing guidelines will be presented with the facility keys the day of the reservation, evening reservation will have until 10:00 a.m. the following morning to clean up the facility and return the keys to the Board member in charge of reservations. A designated member will inspect the facility.

10.          The board will determine any penalty for cleanup or damages to the facility. Cost of any damage will charged back to the responsible party.

12.          Do not place tape, thumbtacks, adhesives. etc. on any walls or woodwork.

            13.          When cleaning after a party

a.     Remove all objects from the pool.

b.    Wash down pool deck with hose.

c.     Replace furniture in its proper place.

d.     Run sweeper in clubhouse, wash tables &. counters inside the clubhouse.

e.     Make sure bathrooms are dean. Check yard for debris,

f.      in the summer time, set AC at 80 when finished. When heat is on set the thermostat at 60.

g.     Leave blinds open.


14.          All rubbish must be placed in the receptacle and placed at the curb for regular pickup or taken home.

            15.          All adult functions must be "quiet* by 10:00 p.m. and end by midnight.



Reservations require a fee (schedule below) that must be paid prior to the event. A $50 refundable cleaning deposit is required at the time of reservation.


                                           Members     Non-member Resident
Facility reservation:               $50.00                $100.00



1.              All court use is limited to 1-1/2 hours. Players must relinquish their court time if. after 1-1/2 hours of play, someone else is waiting.

2.              Reservations may be made on the sign-up board on the tennis court fence for 1-1/2 hours only. Reservation; can be made as early as Monday for the current week running - Monday - Sunday,

3.              If the reserving party docs not show by 15 minutes after the hour, the court is then available for play on a first come basis for the remaining portion of the 1-1/2 hours it was reserved.

4.              On weekdays, all children under 12 years of age can be bumped from the courts after 5:00 p.m. unless accompanied by an adult.

5.                 All players must wear rubber-soled tennis shoes

6.                Foul or abusive language is prohibited.

7.               All food and drinks (except water or non spill able sports drinks)
must remain outside the fence.

8.              No pets are allowed inside the tennis fence

9.     No bikes, riding toys, strollers, skateboards, scooters, roller blades, etc are permitted inside the fence.



1.              NO SWIMMING or wading allowed.

3.              Stay off spillway.

4.              No parties shall be held in the pond area or parking lot without approval of the Board.

5.              Children under the age of twelve (12) must be supervised by someone 18 years of age or older.

6.              No Fires.

7.              No cutting of trees.

8.              Must keep clean.

9,         No building of any type on club property.

10.       No playing in woods after dusk.

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